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Elizabeth Clark Phair was born on April 17, 1967, of mostly German (and lesser English-Scottish-Irish-French) ancestry. She was adopted as an infant in New Haven, Connecticut. Her family later moved to Cincinatti, Ohio, and she grew up along with her older brother Philip (who was also adopted) in the affluent Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinois.

Her father, John Phair, is an AIDS researcher and Chief of Infectious Diseases at Northwestern Hospital. Her mother, Nancy Phair, is an Art Instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the age of seven, she spent a year in Britain when her father took a sabbatical at Sheffield University. She acquired an English accent and crush on Prince Edward, but she also suffered culture shock. Liz: "There was really no way for me to rebel against my parents. My father provided me with my very own subscription to the Evergreen Reader by the time I turned ten."

Liz's deep thought songs and often brutally candid songs have raised eye-brows ever since she started writing them. such as H.W.C. and F*** and Run.

Her songs have a meaning behind them , like in " Why Can't I?" she talks about exploring the thrill of infidelity. Her song " Rock Me " talks about her having an affair with someone who is nine-years-younger than her and who doesn't know who 'liz phair' is. " Good Love Never Dies " , " Friend Of Mine" And " Fire-Walker" talk about failed relationships.

Liz Phair is the latest chapter in one of rock's most indelible autobiographies. She is always going straight to the heart (or the loins) but just as often as hitting squarely in the gut. With-out apology.


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